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Our nerves have sensors! by Alexis Ordelheide, PT, DPT, CMPT, TPS

Did you know....that our nerves have sensors similar to our cars, informing us of our surroundings?

Most cars have back up sensors -- as you get closer and closer to an object, the car beeps louder and louder and faster and faster preventing us from hitting the object.

Our nerve sensors receive information from our surroundings and adjust accordingly. Have you noticed that when it is cold outside, you have increased stress, or upon certain movement, your pain can increase? This is caused by your nerve sensors.When life is good, these sensors are balanced, giving your system just the right amount of information: It is cold outside, I need to wear a jacket. When life becomes imbalanced, your sensors can be more sensitive to certain stimulus, like cold, stress, or movement. This activates the alarm system sending the "danger signal" and your body responds by producing pain to protect you.

Does the activation of the alarm system mean there is an injury? No, it just means you are stressed, you moved, or you are cold. It is just telling you about your surroundings.

The good news is, your nerve sensors are constantly changing based off of what you think. If you are experiencing more stress in your life, you will produce more stress sensors, making you more sensitive when you are stressed. If you begin to realize you are just stressed, your brain understands the message and reduces the threat, removing the stress sensors and returning you to a more balanced system.

If you are struggling with chronic pain and want to learn more, call to schedule an appointment with our Therapeutic Pain Specialist, Alexis Ordelheide, PT, DPT, CMPT, TPS.

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