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Pain is a normal. Without pain, we could not survive. Living with persistent pain though is not. Unfortunately, one in four people will develop chronic pain. Previously, treatment for chronic pain has not been successful because the focus was primarily on a tissue injury. Tissues heal within three to six months so why do people develop persistent pain?


With a better understanding of how pain works, our focus has shifted from treating primarily a tissue injury to focusing more on the nervous system. Individuals who live with persistent pain likely have an over sensitized nervous system resulting in a greater threat to their body. As a protective mechanism, the body then produces pain. The more one understands their pain, the threat is reduced and therefore their pain is reduced. This allows individuals to return to more functional activities, move with more ease, and overall have a better quality of life. 


If you or someone you know is suffering from persistent pain, schedule an appointment with our Therapeutic Pain Specialist, Alexis Ordelheide, to help better understand your pain and reduce the threat to your nervous system. Living with persistent pain is not normal.

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