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Run Flathead

Brian Miller, PT is a certified RRCA running coach who teaches an annual Running Clinic which will help you learn the latest in running form economy, injury prevention and training tools and techniques to help you meet your goals this season. Click on the link below to learn about the next upcoming Running Clinic and to check out local trail races Brian directs and supports in the Flathead Valley.



Improve Your Efficiency and Decrease Your Injury Risk

Our clinic offers specialized running gait evaluations using video gait analysis and slow-motion video biomechanical analysis. These tools will help your Physical Therapist develop a more complete picture of your current running form as it impacts your performance goals and injury history.  Video gait analysis is performed on the treadmill and analyzed in the clinic during your visit. In addition to a running-specific musculoskeletal examination, your Physical Therapist will be able to advise changes in training strategies and footwear in addition to helping you to incorporate running drills to improve your cadence and form.  Running gait analysis evaluations can be performed as part of your rehabilitation from an injury or simply as a one time visit to assess opportunities for performance improvement when you are already in peak health.


Our team of experienced running experts includes several active road and trail runners who have years of professional experience treating and managing endurance athletes in all phases of their athletic careers. 

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