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Guided Care and Expertise for Safe Return to Activities

If you’ve sustained an injury to your head and neck and experience headaches, dizziness, sensitivity to light and sounds, mental fog, disturbed sleep, irritability or quick cognitive fatigue, its best to talk to your primary care provider and your Physical Therapist to evaluate you for a possible concussion.  Your Physical Therapist will evaluate you to understand the severity of your concussion in several different physical and psychosocial domains to carefully craft a program of well monitored and sequenced exercise to optimize your recovery. Using repeated testing for improvement in your condition, your Physical Therapist will help you make informed decisions on when it is safe to return to sports and other life activities. 

While no two concussions are the same, research shows that recovering quickly and fully from this form of mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) requires an active approach tailored to your specific symptoms every step of the way.  Our team of experienced Physical Therapists are here to guide you back to your favorite sports and activities.  

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