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Keeping you on your feet!

Falls are the second leading cause of accidental injury deaths worldwide and 1 in 5 falls will result in a fracture or head injury.  These events can have a significant negative impact on the ability of an older person to continue living independently and safely.  The good news is that research shows fall risk can be decreased by up to 35% with an individualized exercise program that includes balance training, strength training and cardiovascular exercise. 

Your Physical Therapist will perform a comprehensive examination to evaluate your individual fall risk factors which includes a review of your medical history and current medications, assessment of postural-related blood pressure changes, discussion of your home environment and physical performance measures that give the PT an estimation of your fall risk based on normal values of balance and walking measures for your age. 

Call us today to schedule a comprehensive fall risk assessment and to develop a tailored program to decrease your fall risk or the fall risk of someone you love.

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