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Improving function and reducing pain

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMDs) are caused by musculoskeletal dysfunction between the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and the muscles of mastication (chewing).  Individuals with a TMD can report pain with opening and closing, intermittent locking, limited mouth opening, painful clicking, muscle tension, headaches or ringing in the ears. 


The goal of physical therapy is to address any limitations, alleviate pain and improve function.  Treatments can include manual therapy, joint mobilization, manipulation and dry needling, as well patient education and behavioral modification exercises.  The majority of patients will see improvement in their function and decreased pain levels after a course of physical therapy.  We also work closely with the local dental community on these cases, should additional interventions be recommended including appliance therapy.


Tim Gibbs, PT has been treating disorders of the head, neck, and jaw for over 35 years. He has extensive training in this area and is a Certified Cervical and Temporomandibular Therapist (CCTT) through the Physical Therapy Board of Craniofacial and Cervical Therapeutics (PTBCCT). Tim mentors our staff Physical Therapists in the management of temporomandibular disorders and craniofacial pain.

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