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Physical Therapist

Certified Manual Physical Therapist

Certified in Functional Dry Needling

Certified Therapeutic Pain Specialist

Alexis received her doctorate degree in physical therapy from Loma Linda University in 2014. After graduating, Alexis returned to her home state of Colorado and became certified in functional dry needling through Kinetacore and a certified manual physical therapist (CMPT) through NAIOMT. 


Through her practice, Alexis often found limitations in addressing the underlying cause of chronic pain through traditional physical therapy alone. This led her to obtain the certification of Therapeutic Pain Specialist (TPS) through Purdue University in conjunction with Evidence in Motion to help better serve patients experiencing chronic pain. 


Alexis continues to be passionate about treating orthopedic conditions with special interest in the spine. She provides her patients with individual attention while utilizing both traditional therapy to address musculoskeletal impairments and pain neuroscience education (PNE) to help improve pain knowledge with her patients. She practices with the intent to help her patients progress towards independence in maintaining their health and returning them to their prior level of function.  Alexis takes an approach that focuses heavily on manual therapy, core stabilization, proper body mechanics and PNE if needed, to help each patient reach their individual goals.


Alexis loves to travel and once spent an entire year roaming the country in a campervan with her husband and 65 pound dog. She is passionate about all things outdoors and her favorites activities are hiking, skiing, and especially biking. She understands that her patients have their own passions and is eager to help them recover and return to their favorite activities.

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